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Sterling Solutions is a supply chain management consulting firm with a successful track record of more than 17 years.  We work with clients in multiple industries to provide both strategic and tactical improvement solutions to supply chain issues.  Our strategic initiatives provide a roadmap for companies to successfully negotiate the competitive pressures of today’s markets.  Our tactical solutions focus on cost reductions and service improvements which dramatically and immediately improve our clients' bottom lines.

Sterling Solutions and Georgia Tech are co-founders of the Integrated Food Chain Center (IFC)

Latest News

July - August

Performed an assessment of the supply chain process for one of the largest non-profits/charities in the U.S.  Assessed activities, supply-chain organization and strategy.  Identified several opportunities for improvement and developed detailed recommendations for improved supply chain strategy.

May - August

Developed a customized production and distribution optimization planning tool which is utilized by our client to plan production on a monthly basis.  The tool utilizes the monthly sales forecast and allows planners to plan production considering capacity issues, production restrictions, distribution and production costs as well as several other inputs and variables to provide a "best cost" production and distribution plan.  The plan then projects production and distribution costs for budget purposes.

June - July

Responded to client operational issue in which multiple truckloads of high value food product from a key supplier were rejected by the client because of product temperature issues.  Problem had been occurring over six years with cycles of periodic improvements and then reemergence of the issues.  Problem was costing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in product costs, along with additional labor, transportation, etc. as well as potential product stock-out issues.  Performed detailed assessment of supplier production and distribution operations.  Identified processing issues causing the temperature problems and developed improvement recommendations.  Improvements were implemented with no reoccurrence of the issues noted.

 June - July

Performed an assessment of a refrigerated production facility and distribution center to identify issues associated with products not meeting specifications.  Identified product processing and handling issues as well as facility design issues which led to potential shortened product shelf life.  Developed recommendations and plan of action for improvements leading to improved shelf life.

 April - May

Performed a study to determine the product quality impact of mixing frozen and refrigerated products requiring different temperatures requires into a single distribution center.  The goal of the study was to identify the temperature impacts for a short cycle distribution environment.  By developing the correct protocols for handing these products during the short cycle times, significant savings can be obtained in capacity utilization, process times and loading.

January - July

Developed several tactical distribution initiatives for the national expansion strategy for a specialty foods manufacturer.  Initiatives included inbound, outbound, staffing, and distribution management.  Savings represented more than 15% of the total spend.

November - March

Developed an inbound supplier optimization plan for a national retail chain which leveraged the use of transportation providers with similar lanes.  The initiative provided significant cost savings as well as much enhanced management information that allowed improved planning.

January - March 2015

Performed an operation assessment for a 13,000 retail store chain.  The assessment was designed to determine both tactical and strategic initiatives to be implemented to better position the chain to increase revenue and market share of high margin fresh food sales.  Scope of the assessment included store operations, distribution, cold chain, customer service, quality assurance and multiple other areas.

December - March 2014

Developed a production and distribution optimization strategy for a fast growing specialty food products manufacturer and distributor.  This provided a strategic blueprint for how the company expanded geographically as it grew.

June - August 2014

Led a distribution study for a large food retailer to identify significant distribution savings utilizing an innovative approach to optimize the handling and delivery costs within the cold chain.   The study focused on developing the proper protocols to ensure temperature variability throughout the cold chain was minimized and high product quality was maintained while at the same time consolidating product distribution requiring different temperature thresholds.

May 2014 - February 2015

Developed a distribution strategy for a high growth specialty food brand for a new geographic region of the U.S.  Identified and selected distribution partners and created a cost modeling tool to simulate impacts of various demand forecasts and strategic operational variability.  Provided implementation guidance of the strategy. The distribution strategy designed projected more than $1 million of cost savings over initial planned costs.

December 2013 - June 2014

Conducted a transportation optimization project for a large paper products manufacturer and distributor as well as 3PL selection and implementation across multiple divisions.

Service Highlights

Sterling Solutions provides a wide range of services.  


Transportation Management

Sterling Solutions has the capability in making advanced total cost analyses and optimization of distribution networks involving the interrelationship of all logistics components, including inbound, logistics, warehousing, outbound transportation, delivery and fleet operations, inventory, organization, outsourcing options and a host of other related functions.

Further, Sterling has the experience in projecting distribution patterns, trends, technology requirements and work processes and integrating them into a systematic design to best meet future needs.  Supply chain and logistics management is highly dynamic and as such require sophisticated tools and methodology in determining long term requirements at a lower cost structure while balancing service objectives.  The intersection of industry experience, analytical skills and project management makes Sterling more than a consultancy, but rather a firm with a high level of expertise that can be applied by industry tested practitioners.  

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Food Box

Food Safety

Sterling Solutions has worked with many of the world’s leading food suppliers, retailers and ‘fast-feed’ foodservice operators in the areas of process improvement, risk assessment and disaster recovery.  Much of our work has focused on perishable logistics due to its high inherent risks and vulnerability throughout the cold chain.  In addition to this work and as a natural extension, our team of logisticians, food safety experts and former FBI agents are incorporating Operational Risk Management (ORM) into an overall assessment for our food clients.

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