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Sterling Solutions has become a proven source for supply chain management solutions for many companies in North America.  We bring significant experience and a track record of success in helping companies improve in various areas of supply chain management during the past several years.  We have offices in Memphis TN and Cleveland, OH.

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picture5Sterling Solutions is a recognized U.S. leader in navigating food companies and retailers through the process of food safety and quality management within logistics.  The intersection of food safety and logistics is called Cold Chain Management.  Sterling has provided proprietary Cold Chain Management services to world leading carriers, distributors, food processors and retailers.  Further, Sterling has a leading role in working to establish U.S. logistics standards in this area through its position as chair of the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Logistics subcommittee of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).

With the onset of fresh foods it was recognized early on that the pursuit of product quality and wholesomeness can not be achieved without proper distribution and cold chain management controls in delivering on the brands quality promise.  As such, cold chain management brings a structured quality management system to the existing family of product quality and safety programs - providing for a strong, effective and disciplined system that promotes consumer satisfaction and loyalty.  Specifically, cold chain is defined below:

The term cold chain refers to two distinct components, ‘cold’ refers to the need to control temperature in preventing the growth of microorganisms in food while maintaining its wholesomeness as it is processed, shipped, delivered and stored at the stores. The term ‘chain’ focuses on monitoring the ‘chain of custody’ in which each segment of the processing, storage, transport and delivery functions are linked to the step before and after with proper documentation and records.

Effective Cold Chain Management addresses the following:

  1. The definition and span of a product’s life cycle (supplier to store)
  2. When should cold chain monitoring and testing start?
  3. Once beyond the control of the manufacturer, how will the subsequent thermal conditions be monitored and documented?
  4. Who has responsibility for making sure the entire system is properly controlled?


Supporting cold chain management, are definitive HACCP principles that clearly assign the food manufacturer and distributor the responsibility of proper storage, handling and distribution and maintaining proper documentation while the product is under their control.