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Sterling Solutions has become a proven source for supply chain management solutions for many companies in North America.  We bring significant experience and a track record of success in helping companies improve in various areas of supply chain management during the past several years.  We have offices in Memphis TN and Cleveland, OH.

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Financial Approach to Supply Chain Issues

  • Supply chain activity-based costing approaches
  • Development of supply chain costing to the customer /product level
  • Understanding true costs-to-serve and total cost approach
  • Fact driven input required for supply chain strategy leading to bottom line improvement 

Sample Issues

  • What areas of the supply chain are driving disproportionate costs?
  • When considering distribution costs, which customers provide the most margin/ least margin or are even unprofitable to serve?
  • By making supply chain policy changes that impact the customer, what impact will this have on my bottom line?
  • Demand Planning/Forecasting
  • How can I integrate customer activities and product level information with supply chain activities to develop appropriate strategies which positively impact margin?

demand chain economics