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Sterling Solution’s major areas of expertise include:

  • Demand Chain Economics
  • Sales and Operation Planning
  • Distribution Optimization
  • Transportation Management
  • Third Party Logistics
  • Fleet Management
  • Cold Chain Management
  • Food Safety
  • Project Execution
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warehouseSince its inception in 1998, Sterling Solutions has focused on providing industry leading solutions through an intensive, customer service focused approach.  This approach has served us well in our work with more than 100 clients.  Initially, the firm focused on transportation and distribution cost improvement programs encompassing areas such as tactical transportation cost reduction and fleet management.  The major client base was primarily regional, focusing on the Mid-South.  Alliances were formed with various other firms and independent contractors to market a broader range of services for clients.  The firm leveraged its personnel’s consulting experience gained from the large national consulting firms and well as deep industry experience obtained from some of the most well known global companies.  Those services which had generally only been available from the large national consulting firms were made available to companies on a local and regional basis at much more attractive pricing than offered by the large firms.

One alliance partner with whom Sterling began working almost from the inception of the company was NVision Logistics, a small consulting firm located in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  NVision had been formed in the early 1990’s and had built a reputation of deep subject expertise in the transportation and distribution operations area, as well as in third party logistics operations, transportation management and distribution network operations.  Its client base was focused in the Mid-west and Atlantic Seaboard and had an extensive food industry focus.  Through its breadth and depth of work, NVision built an extensive network of client relationships by delivering world class client solutions.

Seeing an opportunity to enhance services for both companies, Sterling Solutions and NVision merged operations in September 1999.  (See merger press release dated 9/1/99 ).  The merger was an instant success as it resulted in expanded service offerings and a larger geographic footprint.

Sterling Solutions Moving Into The Future

Today, the combined firm operates as Sterling Solutions and has offices in Cleveland and Memphis.  In addition, the firm has employees located in several states in the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast. The firm has continued to grow and is recognized for its extensive expertise in transportation management, distribution network optimization, and third party logistics management.  In addition, Sterling is considered one of the nation’s leading firms in food safety and cold chain management.  Because of its leadership in cold chain management and distribution operations, Sterling partnered with Georgia Tech's Supply Chain and Logistics Institute in 2010 to form the Integrated Food Chain Center (IFC).  The IFC is an industry/academic joint initiative to identify and resolve critical issues impacting cold chain integration across the end-to-end food chain.

TimelineAs a recognized supply chain management consulting firm, Sterling Solutions has become uniquely qualified to assist firms in performing a comprehensive review of their supply chain processes and operations, including cost and service performance.  We are a well-established firm with a reputation for quality work extending throughout virtually all industries. The firm’s focus on professionalism and an emphasis on achieving concrete results for our clients has established Sterling Solutions as a leading consulting firm with a wide reputation for superior work and as an effective alternative to larger consultancies.  The best evidence of this reputation is that over 75% of our business each year is from clients with whom we have worked previously.  As an operations management consulting firm, we maintain a professional staff with a broad range of functional, managerial and technical skills, as well as diversified prior work backgrounds.  Consequently, we are able to bring to each assignment a project team with direct in depth experience in dealing with the specific issues and a thorough working knowledge of our client’s industry.

Our Timeline

NVision began operations in Hudson, OH (Cleveland area)

Sterling Solutions begins operations in Memphis, TN

Sterling Solutions and NVision merge to form Sterling Solutions with offices in Cleveland and Memphis

Began offering distribution network optimization services utilizing state of the art network optimization software through an industry practitioner’s perspective

Began development of confectionary industry services expertise which has continued and grown through the current time

Began offering food safety audit and cold chain management services

Nick Pacitti, a partner with the firm appointed chairman by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) for their Safe Quality Food Institute’s sub-committee for food logistics in developing global standards.

Co-founded Integrated Food Chain (IFC) Center with Georgia Tech's Supply Chain Institute.

Dr. Kevin Westbrook, a staff consultant with the firm, winner of the 2010 Newell Innovative Teaching award at Union University.

David Sterling, a partner with the firm was the winner of the Supply & Demand Chain Executive "Pros to Know" award.