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We are thought leaders in the food and beverage supply chain segment. Our supply chain consulting experience spans dozens of clients across multiple industries over the last 20 years.

  • Integrated supply chain consulting team with 100+ clients and 300+ projects experience
  • Consultants recognized with awards such as “Pros to Know” as well as numerous publications
  • Co-founded Georgia Tech Integrated Food Chain Center and strategic partner in its initiative for the Physical Internet Center
  • Wrote the Guidance Document for certification for the Global Food Safety Initiative for warehousing & transportation
  • Provide thought leadership on cold chain management for the Food Quality Alliance, a 15,000 group of companies

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David Sterling David Sterling, a partner with Sterling Solutions, is responsible for practice management as well as project management initiatives in its logistics and distribution practice. He has more than 30 years experience in finance and supply chain management from both a consulting and industry perspective. His multidisciplinary background provides an excellent perspective which he has leveraged in several areas across the supply chain. Over the last several years, David has especially focused in the areas of distribution and network design, transportation management, distribution strategies, and cold chain management. His focus on distribution management system design has incorporated optimal mixes of third party logistics providers from multiple supply chain areas, as well as internal company-managed solutions. He has performed supply chain management work throughout several industries, including transportation, telecommunications, consumer products, food service, manufacturing and service industries.

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David Sterling Nick Pacitti, a partner with Sterling Solutions, is responsible for project management and improvement initiatives in its food safety and logistics practice. As a seasoned Supply Chain Executive, Nick has over 25 years of extensive experience in designing, developing and delivering logistics improvement strategies and solutions. His experience and strengths include distribution network design through balancing manufacturing, warehousing and transportation strategies and technologies in optimizing assets while improving service and cost performance.

Nick’s industry and senior management experience with Kraft and Nestle provides a true practitioner’s perspective in executing operations improvement and revenue enhancement initiatives. During his tenure with Kraft and Nestle, Nick was selected as a management development instructor teaching mid and senior level managers throughout the world.

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With decades of experience in supply chain consulting, we enable you to clarify and conquer your supply chain challenges.

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  • Strategic initiatives to guide you safely through competitive market pressures.
  • Tactical solutions to reduce cost and improve your bottom line.